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Have a popular Youtube channel or Facebook page?
Do you create and publish new videos regularly?

Now make them available on your own branded TV apps.
Instantly published across the most popular SmartTV Platforms!

SmartTV Platforms Included

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Coming Soon

Use QuirkyTV to launch your very own channels on multiple platforms - insanely cheaper and faster than doing it yourself!

With QuirkyTV

FREE 30-Day Trial

Monthly Costs: $99

  • No coding required!
  • Upload once & automatically see it across channels
  • Focus on what matters - making awesome videos!

Without QuirkyTV

Setup Cost: +$20,000

Monthly Costs: +$1,000

  • Hire, manage and pay developers for each platform
  • Upload videos to each individual channel - one by one
  • Headaches, distractions and so much money wasted!